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Sunday، 28 May 2017
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● With Sami Rintala; when architecture becomes an individual tool of natural expression...

Bahram Hooshyar Yousefi"Sami Rintala (born 1969) is an architect and an artist, with a long merit list after finishing his architect studies in Helsinki Finland 1999. He established architect office Casagrande & Rintala 1998, which produced a series of acknowledged architectural installations around the world during the next five years until 2003. These works combine architecture with critical thinking of society, nature and the real tasks of an architect, all within a cross-over art field using space, light, materials and human body as tools of expression."

● A Short Interview with Gisue Hariri; "Contemporary architecture movement should not be about FROM..."

Sepehr MeratThere's a common belief in Iranian architectural society that Hariri&Hariri may be the greatest female Persian architectural team ever; and there are many reasons behind this common belief.
Sister architecture team Hariri & Hariri was established in New York City by Iranian born American-educated sisters Gisue Hariri and Mojgan Hariri in 1986.

● The role of creativity in architect education

Ali KhiabanianAbstract:
Creativity as one of the most important factors of education is taken into consideration in recent years and psychologist and thinkers of education try to define and regulate a system and methods that are able to reinforce Creativity Power of people.

● Jamia art gallery

Romi Khosla Design StudiosThe university of Jamia was established in the 1930's. As the university evolved, it introduced a wide range of contemporary academic disciplines such as media studies and central Asian studies.

● Chen House

Marco CasagrandeC-Laboratory’s new small house in North-Taiwan
The house is realized on an old Japanese cherry-farm in the Datun -mountains of North-Taiwan. It is designed as a vessel to react on the demanding wind, flooding and heat conditions on the site.

● Constructing a Building by Interpretation

Nassir ZarrinPanahSome architects such as Adolf Loos have excluded buildings from the domain of art, emphasizing on “function” as the distinguishing quality of architecture compared with other plastic arts: “So hätte also das Haus nichts mit Kunst zu tun und wäre die Architektur nicht unter die Künste einzureihen? Es ist so. Nur ein ganz kleiner Teil der Architektur gehört der Kunst an: Das Grabmal und das Denkmal. Alles andere, was einem Zweck dient, ist aus dem Reiche der Kunst auszuschalten.[1]” In this context, Loos defined tomb and monument as the pure architecture referring to their perceived lack of function enabling them to touch human beings in a way that artworks do.

● Next arch-peace forum: intentCITY Iran 2010

Morteza MirgholamiWe would like to have your views, ideas and possible contribution to this very ambitious next forum.

Why Iran?

● ARUNA TV: Interview with Rainer Pirker; hierarchical design procedure for a "responsible architecture"

Interview by: Bahram Hooshyar YousefiRainer Pirker is an Austrian based but internationally focused successful architect; from his very first projects (apartment building Ulus,Istanbul) to the very last (specially HEAVEN'S SEAL CULTURE CLUB in China) his architecture has got a very futuristic taste and an independent identity and it is easy to recognize a fascinating way of delivering a top-quality design trend to the architectural creation precedure.

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